Monday, 27 April 2009

Kicking off my jewellery blog

It's weird how fate works sometimes.

Last week I was in Tesco and noticed a new jewellery making magazine. Now I'd sworn off making jewellery because I spend a fortune on beads and haven't really sold many of my creations, but I can't resist shiny things and I bought it. That afternoon, while browsing craftsforum, I saw someone offering spaces at a craft fair in Warrington at the end of May.

So I emailed my interest and now I have my first official craft fair. Neep.

Of course, that means I now have to 'set up' a business in four weeks. For me, the first step is a website. Having decided on the name Designed by Fae, I asked the wonderful Em if she could draw me a fairy. I wanted something that was solely mine, that I did not have to worry about breaching copyright by using. The result is sitting on my banner. Lovely, isn't she? *g*

I have the layout of the website done, and a framework of pages, but I can't afford to buy the domain until Friday *sigh* I can't afford any new beads either, so I'm sorting through my stash and trying to come up with designs.

Then there is the business cards and packaging to arrange. Talk about busy!

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  1. Good luck with the craft fair, and love the design of the blog!