Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Craft fair planning!

I'm trying to plan for my first craft fair. Just the basics this time, since I don't want too much outlay.

This is my list so far:
  • Public liability - quote received but not taken out yet

  • Paste table - in shed, need to check on condition

  • Table cloth & clips - in Watched section on eBay

  • Jewellery displays - likewise

  • Website - layout done, hosting on order

  • Business cards - on order

  • Boxes and bags

  • Jewellery!

  • Cash box and spare change

  • Notebook for commision orders

There are probably a couple of things I've forgotten, but that's a start.


  1. I hope everything goes well with the fair. Let use know how it goes.

  2. fingers crossed for you, I'm sure you will love every minute
    I have awarded you a "honest scrap award" for your blog..please check out my blog
    to keep this wonderful award going

  3. Good Luck with the first craft fair!
    You can save some cash on the table cloth by using a sheet :). Also make sure you take blank card and tape (in case you need to make up a sign for offers or promos).
    Flask of Soup or tea is useful too!

    Nic xx